Web Design


I’ve been designing my own websites since 1997, and began designing professionally when I secured my first digital role in March 1999. My definition of design includes the visual representation, but also extends to front end development, as well as defining and detailing the behaviours of elements on a page.

Visual Design

I have professional experience as a web designer working for a wide range of clients across a multitude of industries, with a vast variety of budgets.

And, just for fun, this is the first website I ever designed professionally in 1998. Apologies for the small size.

Responsive Web Design

I have many years of experience creating responsive websites which respond to screen size, browser type, and operating system capabilities.

The ADT website is a responsive retail website. Graduate Jobs is a responsive web application which has a lot of responsive form elements.

Software / Apps / Tools

I’ve professional experience using Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Functional Specification

I believe that the Functional Specification is part of the design process. A Functional Specification should describe how a website will work, rather than just how it will look.

I’ve always considered that the speed of interactions are an important part of a user’s experience, and the Functional Specification is where I detail how these will meet a project’s brief.

An example of my Functional Specification documentation can be downloaded below. This example allowed the project team to gain client approval before development commenced, and was a reference point for a 10-strong development and testing team.

Writing & Copy

In the same way that creating visual guides is a part of a design process so understanding, at times defining, and always maintaining a conistent tone of voice is vital to the success.

I’ve written copy, micro-content and maintained a style of writing on a great many projects and created Tone of Voice document for Freemans Grattan Holding’s DD Track+.