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Michael Wood

A 6'2" man in a the row of Japanese football supporters.
Watching JEF United win 2-1 over Toyama in at Toyama Athletic Stadium, 2013.

Hey there. This is Cabin Pressure.

Cabin Pressure has been loads of different websites but at the moment it is where I write articles about my experiences creating websites, about interesting XD/UX/UI problems, and my cat Leo about my Internet of Things based attempts to interfear with his life.

I'm Michael Wood, or thatmichaelwood as I am known on LinkedIn. You can find me on Twitter @michaelwood or look at @michaelasnerd if you are interested in my thoughts on gaming.

I'm a web publisher and work as a as a UX/UI/Web designer, a front end developer, and a back end coder. I've been called "The best all-rounder in Leeds" although I'm told George Hirst lays claim to that title.

I publish the iconoclastic website BfB at