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Michael Wood

A 6'2" man in a the row of Japanese football supporters.
Watching JEF United win 2-1 over Toyama in at Toyama Athletic Stadium, 2013.

Oh, Hello. This is Cabin Pressure.

Cabin Pressure has been a good few sites but at the moment it is where I write articles about my experiences creating websites, about interesting XD/UX/UI problems, and my cat Leo about my Internet of Things based attempts to find out what he gets up to during the days when I'm not with there.

I'm Michael Wood, or thatmichaelwood as I am known on LinkedIn. You can find me on Twitter @michaelwood or look at @michaelasnerd if you are interested in my thoughts on gaming.

I'm a web publisher and work as a as a UX/UI/Web designer, a front end developer, and a back end coder. I've been called "The best all-rounder in Leeds" because of the broad range of work I've done and the experience I've got from it.

I publish the increasingly unpopular website BfB at