Front End

Front End Skills

When I started out in digital, there was no distinction between the roles that people played, there was just the guy who made the website. Because of that grounding, throughout my career, I’ve always been able to code the UX and designs I create.

HTML5 / XHTML / HTML 4.01 / HTML 3.2

I’ve used all the flavours of HTML since the late 1990s, and I write my HTML code by hand in text editors which helps me create semantic code. At the moment, I use Sublime Text to code but I can use anything.

CSS 4 / CSS 3

I’ve used CSS for over twenty years.. When I started using CSS it was a very limited technology, and as it grew I’ve continued to introduce new elements as they were released in CSS 3, and now CSS 4 as they’ve become stable.

CSS 2.1 / CSS

I have extensive experience of CSS and CSS 2.1, and am able to code stylesheets by hand. This gives me an understanding of how declarations impact each other, and how to structure a CSS file which allows other people to understand it, and work with it.

Pre-processing (LESS, Sass, CoffeeScript)

I’ve used both LESS and Sass on larger CSS projects in collaborative environments. I’ve used CoffeeScript for doing similar with JavaScript.

Professionally, I’ve used Grunt and Gulp to create pre-processing batch jobs as well as standalone pre-processors.

JavaScript / EMCAScript

I’ve used JavaScript since the start of my career.

I’ve used JavaScript to create single page applications and have experience using frameworks such as Ext JS, Knockout, angularjs, and backbone.js.


I’ve been using jQuery since before the 1.0 release. I have experience with jQuery Mobile, JQWidgets and jQuery UI.

I use jQuery for most of my websites, and have used it professionally for over ten years. I appreciate jQuery because I previously had to write my own API which was challenging and not always fit for purpose.