Refinement & Optimisation

I like to ensure that there is scope in a project’s budget to continue improvements after a product is launched. Often the decisions made in UX and design are what the my analysis tells me if the best choice from a number of options, but optimisation allows me to revisit and sense check those decisions.

Post-launch Analysis

One of the foundations of my UX Process is establishing the goals for a website, and post-launch analysis allows me to measure how the website achieves those goals. This is done with analytics, with tracking data and conversion rates, and with user testing.

I’ve done this for ADT, for Provident Financial Group, and for Graduate

User Testing

I have experience running testing scenarios with user groups to assess the effectiveness of websites. I’ve used a lot of tools for this including interviews, questionnaires, test labs and eye tracking.

In November 2013 I led a team running user testing on the ADT website. the results of which can be downloaded below.

AB / MV Testing

AB and multivariate testing is a good way of optimising a website for quick improvements. A part of my UX Process is to create areas of the website which can be optimised using AB and MVT.

I’ve got experience of working with AB and MVT professionally with Lloyds Bank, Halifax Bank and ADT.