Back End

Back End Skills

There didn’t use to be a distinction between front end and back end coding when I first started in the digital industry, there were simply tasks which needed to be completed in order to make a website work. From a development perspective, I lean towards what is now known as as front end. but I have abilities on the back end too.

At the moment I use Sublime Text to code, but I can use anything.


I have a wealth of experience using Wordpress as a publishing platform. I’m able to write themes and plug-ins, and have done both professionally. I’ve also been able to adapt Wordpress as a platform for a social network using BuddyPress, as well as a client facing content management system without utilising the blogging capabilities.

Recently I used Wordpress for Provident Financial Group for their Satsuma Squeeze website, and at University of Leeds for their Toolkit documentation.

I use Wordpress for my own website BfB, which has utilised the platform since the very earliest releases.


I’ve got over ten years of experience working with PHP. Much of that come in the form of writing Wordpress themes and plug-ins.

Classic ASP

I’ve experience using the pre-.NET ASP code to create websites. Classic ASP, as it is now known, is rarely used.


I’ve got a lot of experience interfacing back end systems with the front end using XML and JSON.


I’ve used XSLT/XML to create a HTML publishing system written in PHP which allowed a client to create free-standing HTML pages from a set of templates defined in XSLT.